Training and Workshops

 Training and Workshops


                                                                                                            Session: 2023-24


             Teacher's Name


1. Ms. Anju Bala, Ms. Sabina Garg, Mr. Rohit Gupta 25th - 27th April 2023 - Capacity Building Program for Teachers Teaching Artificial Intelligence in Class IX by CBSE in association with Intel Team.
2. Ms. Chitra Ahlawat  19 April 2023 - Coping up with stress by DPSHRD.
3. Ms. Monika Malik

20 April 2023 - Online Awareness Programme for Actuarial Science by the Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) in association with CBSE.

4. Mr. Mani Bhushan, Headmaster  Mr. Adarsh Mr. Bhatnagar, Head Assistant

April 2023 - Webinar on School Quality Assessment and Assurance (SQAA) for granting fresh affiliation/extension of affiliation by CBSE.

                                                                                                                                                      Session: 2022-23
1. Ms. N. Khunger
Mr. K.C. Manikant

18th & 19th, 21st & 22nd April 2022 – Orientation Programme for Adolescent Peer Educator Leadership Programme in Life Skills, Holistic Health & Wellbeing organized by CBSE.

 2. Mr. M. Bhushan (HM) 10th Aug 2022- Orientation programme on school health and wellness Program organized by CBSE.
3. Hindi Deptt., English Deptt. & 02 Librarians Inauguration Programme – Launch of CBSE Budding Author’s Programme organized by CBSE.
4. Ms. Mamta Makkar 14th Sep’ 2022- Atomic and Molecular Visualization for General and Inorganic Chemistry” organized by FOSSEE IIT Mumbai.
5. Ms. Sonia Arora 22nd Sep’ 2022- Atomic and Molecular Visualization for General and Inorganic Chemistry” organized by FOSSEE IIT Mumbai.
6. English, Hindi & Maths Deptt. 29th & 30th Sep’2022 – Virtual Labs for Teaching, Learning and Assessment organized by CIET-NCERT.
7. Ms. S. Garg, Ms. A.Rana & Mr. R. Gupta 21st Sep, 19th Oct.& 23rd November 2022-with Physical Computing Hardware and Technologies to enhance learning conducted by CBSE jointly with Arm School Program (ASP).
8. Mr. Rohit Gupta 31st Oct’ 2022-Skill Expo Cum Awareness workshop” organized by CBSE.
9. Mr. K.C. Manikant 18th Nov; 2022- international webinar on Quality Physical Education (QPE) for physical education teachers organized by International society for comparative physical education and sports (ISCPES), Sports Authority of India (SAI) & Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, Trivandrum (LNCPE).
10. English Deptt, Science Deptt., Social Science Deptt., Computer Science Deptt. 21st – 25th Nov; 2022 Accessible Digital Resources and Assistive Technologies organized by CIET-NCERT
11. Ms. A. Rana, Mr. R. Gupta 25th Nov, 2022 - Upskilling of Teachers on New Age Technology conducted by CBSE
12. English Deptt. 1st to 7th Dec.,2022 CLD and Skills organized by CBSE